Ew Life…

I don’t even know where to start explaining my life right now. I’m not in a good place. My new job has never been secure. I’m on a temporary contract so I can be told not to come back with no notice. When we were hired in September we were told that we were temp … More Ew Life…


Sponsored Facebook posts are usually just seen as a nuisance but this morning I stumbled across one that I think might change my life forever. The article was titled “Living With PMS That Makes You Want To Die” and I honestly just opened it to procrastinate getting out of bed. But the more I read, … More PMDD

Ageism at Work

Although I love my new job, one thing that annoys me every day is older members of the workforce looking down on me. When I commented on how hard it is to get an entry level job these days I was met with “I appreciate that but I’m 62 and struggled to find a job.” … More Ageism at Work


Anxiety isn’t always hyperventilating at a party or in a crowd. It isn’t always being scared to speak on the phone. Sometimes it’s crying alone in your room at 2am because everything is too much. Sometimes it’s thinking that no one cares about you. Sometimes it’s feeling like a failure because you can’t do things … More 2am

Starting Over

I see this new job as a chance to start over. I’m finally getting to do a job that I really want to do and am really excited about and I’m seeing this as the new start that I thought I’d get when I went to uni. Tonight I sent a text that was one … More Starting Over

New Job

Over a year after graduating from uni I’ve been offered my dream job. It it definitely going to be a challenge but I’m really looking forward to it. People keep asking me what my job is and its really complicated and not many people understand it, but essentially I will be part of a team … More New Job


I’ve never been very good at expressing how I feel. I remember going to the doctor when I was first diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and she told me I explained how I was feeling really clearly, but I think by that point I had been feeling the same way for so long and knew … More Blogging